Telegram Scrapper Software 2022 – Dragon Adder Script

Dragon Telegram Scraper & Adder script is a new Telegram marketing software that can scrap members from other telegram groups and add them to your own group.

This Telegram Group Scraper has managed to outsmart its competitors with the latest features such as filtering members by their last seen, superfast adding, and multiple account support among others.

Benefits of Telegram Scraper & Adder Software

Telegram Group scraper software scraps members from other groups and adds them to your own group. This Telegram scraper can also filter members by their “Last seen”. This way, you are able to add the most active members into your own group while at the same time keeping it safe and secure.

The Scrapper complies with Telegram terms and policies hence you don’t need to worry about your group getting banned or deleted.

Unique Features of the Telegram Scraper Software

  • Scrap & add active members of any private/public group.
  • Super-fast speed adding
  • Bulk messages Sender to group members
  • Multi Login
  • BanFilter + Delete Ban Numbers
  • Limited Account Checker + Remover
  • Scraper Public + Private Groups
  • Private Group Joiner
  • Update First Name, Last Name, Username
  • Normal Message Sender
  • Message Sender For phone
  • Multiple Message Sender
  • Daily Online Filter
  • Weekly Online Filter
  • Super Fast Adding
  • Delete Already Members
  • Set Profile Picture of all Mobile numbers
  • Contact Merge Option for Phone + Computer
  • Bulk Adder For Mobile
  • No Need API ID
  • Single Adder For Mobile
  • Normal Adder for Computer
  • Multi Adder for Computer
  • Scrape from Multiple groups
  • Use All Numbers at Once

How to use Telegram Scraper: Mobile + PC

Telegram scraper is incredibly easy to use and anyone with no technical knowledge can use it. There are no app id setups needed, making it the most user-friendly telegram-marketing software for growing your online business fast

Telegram Adder Demo

Dragon Adder Software – Add unlimited Telegram Group Members for free

Requirements to run Scraper & Adder Software

This new Telegram scraper and adder works on both Mobile and PC. The scraper software works on Windows 8 and higher versions of Windows. It is also compatible with mobile phones, Linux, and Mac OS.

Requirements for PC are:

  • Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • 1 GB Ram or above
  • Python 3.10.0
  • WinRar software (for extracting the files)

Recommended Mobile Requirements List

  • Termux
  • Text Editor App

How to Install and Run Telegram Scraper & Adder Software

  1. Download and extract the software. The download link is provided below.
  2. The next step is to install the requirements. Use the command: ” install.txt”
  3. After installing the requirements, it’s time to run the tool. Run the “Dragon” to add accounts, scrap, filter & add members. You can watch video tutorial for a better understanding

NB: The software automatically deals with any errors that may arise e.g. when it comes across a user who has restricted being added to groups, it will automatically skip them and go to add the next user

Telegram Scraper Software is the Future of Telegram Marketing

Telegram Group Scraper has been a game-changer when it comes to Telegram Marketing. With this tool, you can grow a targeted audience fast and easily and generate new leads within a very short time and reach a wider and targeted audience to promote your products or services.

We also Provide Telegram Group Members as well as Bulk Telegram accounts

If you need any support

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