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We will transfer Telegram Group members from any group into your own group

Real and active members
You give us the group to scrap members

Note: Our latest software update scraps members from hidden groups


Buy Real & active Telegram Group members.

We will Scrap members from any  Private/Public Telegram group and add the members into your own group
Members are filtered by “Last seen”

f you are looking for a way to add real & active members to your telegram group, Purchasing Telegram Channel and Group members is one of the most popular and successful methods of promoting Telegram’s business and making money on Telegram. You can rapidly grow your audience by adding thousands of Telegram members from other groups into your own group and building a targeted audience with real Telegram members.

Here at Tech-G Klub, we will extract & add active group members from any group of choice to your own group. The more members you have, the more sales you will make & the more money you will make.

Our method allows for the safe addition of new members without the risk of the group getting banned.

Why Choose us

  1. Real & active members
  2. Cheapest and Comparable Price
  3. Highly targeted Members
  4. 24/7 Online Support

How to get members

  • Complete purchase
  • Take a screenshot of your payment
  • Send me the screenshot on  Telegram @DevMaverickMax
  • Send Group to extract members (Target group link)
  • Send Group to add members (Your Group Link)
  • Delivery Time: 10k Members – 8Hours,  25k Members – 24 Hours, 50k Members – 48 Hours,  50k Members and above – 72-96 hrs
  • NOTE: Make sure that the group you are scraping members provides similar or related content to what your group provides. This way, people won’t leave your group immediately they are added(eg if you sell Netflix accounts, make sure to scrap members from Netflix  or Netflix related groups)






10K Members, 25K Members, 5000 Members

  1. Favas Ni

    I loved it i got real time active members very useful and superb service

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