How to send bulk emails for free

If you are looking for a way to send bulk emails for free, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will introduce you to SendBlaster, a powerful email marketing software to send bulk emails for free and promote your products or services.

Send blaster email marketing software

Send Blaster is a powerful bulk email software for managing email lists and sending unlimited email-marketing campaigns in a few simple steps. Send Blaster is an offline software that includes a powerful mass emailing software that has the ability to send bulk emails straight into the primary inbox of the receiver. You can also use the available professional templates to create newsletters and sales emails. On the other hand, you can track open rates and clicks to improve your email campaigns.

How to send bulk emails for free using Send blaster email marketing software

  1. Choose the template from a list of available templates or design yours from scratch. If you want to personalize your emails, make sure to add your subject’s names by using the name tag.
  2. Manage your contact lists and merge your tags by adding the sender’s first name to the text. You can schedule your message to send later so it will automatically send itself at the correct time.
  3. Track report about mail the email open rate and click rates so you can adjust accordingly as you; learn what works best
  4. Remove duplicates easily. If you have gathered your email leads from external sources, you may need to validate as well as remove duplicates.  Sendblaster will help you filter duplicates in a single click.
  5. Now send your message to your selected list
Sendblaster email marketing software

Benefits of send blaster email marketing software

  1. You can also automate much of the process, making it easier to follow up and send emails when necessary.
  2. Because Send Blaster is not internet-dependent, it is a little simpler to use because you do not need to use the internet to create.
  3. Send blasters email marketing software has a high speed and performance and it is robust because its engine undergoes internal improvement and optimization.
  4. It easily saves and reuses snippets such as the signature, street addresses, contacts, and business descriptions such that no need to create scratch messages.
  5. They contain tags that enable you to send a different email to each email address such as using their names in the email(personalization)

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Due to the speed, automation, and performance of the Send Blaster, it is one of the best Email marketing software available to send bulk emails for free. Sendblaster is internet independent so you can work offline and design your messages with ease. Furthermore, Sendblaster doesn’t require any license as it is pre-activated. If you are looking for an email bulk sender software, Sendblaster will save you time, and money and produce good results.

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